Milnthorpe Methodist Church

Milnthorpe chapelMilnthorpe Methodist Church
gave up its building at the end of October 2014. Since then it has been working to re-form itself as a community of Christians rooted in Milnthorpe and following Jesus. We now call ourselves: ‘M:OASIS’ and seek to offer physical and spiritual refreshment to those around us.  Our building is now M:HUB and operates as a community resource.  It is used by community groups and offers coffee, cakes and snacks on Fridays, which is Market day in Milnthorpe.  For more information about M;OASIS please contact Rev Tiras Dainty-Share.

M:HUB,  the building.

If you are interested in hiring the building, M:HUB, then please browse our website: and contact Mrs Irene McKay by email:   or by phone 07958 605049.