Our Vision and Mission Statement:

Our Circuit

As part of the Cumbria District of the Methodist Church of Great Britain, we share the calling of the Methodist Church which is to respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

Inspired by Our Calling, we aim:

  • to increase awareness of God’s presence and to celebrate God’s love;
  • to help people to grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care;
  • to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice;
  • to make more followers of Jesus Christ.

Priorities for Action

During 2016 the Kendal Methodist Circuit has spent time  in consultation and conversations between Circuit Stewards, Staff and Churches – looking at its current situation and context and trying to prioritise where its resources might best be used over the next five to ten years so as to achieve a Circuit that can:

  • be more pro-active in discerning the work of God that the Methodist people are called to do
  • work together in co-operation with one another – valuing our inter-connectedness
  • be a positive part of the county ecumenical agenda and in doing this we would also expect to develop strong, committed Christian communities that have a real sense of discipleship along with a heart for mission.

Our Priorities for Action [PfA] are broad in nature, and then are developed with some more detail. This detail will inevitably change over time. All of this is a ‘work in progress’ that will be shaped by the interaction between different churches and the Circuit. It is about a partnership so as to achieve the best possible outcomes with our resources – not a top-down blueprint to be forced upon each and every church community.

During the last two years this document has provided both a framework and focus for our actions and decisions as we journey together.  Following a comprehensive review, in January 2019 we circulated an update to our Priorities which provides additional commentary on the progress over the two years and makes refinements as we steer a course guided by changes that may have taken place and based on feedback received from the circuit,

In 2021 we again reflected on our priorities following the Covid pandemic.  It was encouraging to note that the current PfAs stand as a solid foundation to our Christian life although much has changed and will continue to change.  An interim document for the period summer 2021 to autumn 2022 updates the document and sets out a couple of new areas we will consider over the next 18 months.

Click here to download the latest edition of our Priorities for Action document.