Christian Aid – Give Thanks appeal

Give Thanks Christian Aid campaign – Cumbria Methodist District has partnered with Christian Aid to support this appeal to make a donation in thanks for Covid-19 vaccinations that have been received. A District Give Thanks page has been set up which can be found here:


Rev. Dr. James Tebbutt, Chair of District says “As our own society becomes a little safer, we are even more aware of the disparity with the many parts of the world where without our collective resources the pandemic rages. Accordingly, in the Easter season of life and hope and beyond, we want to encourageeveryone again, whether in gratitude for vaccinations received or simply out of love for your neighbour, to donate just a few pounds or a much larger sum through Christian Aid, who with its partners are seeking to help some of those who are most in need of our help and resources.”

Easter Offering 2021

MWiB Easter Offering Service 2021 – the video recording of this year’s service  ‘Into all the world’,  is now available for you to watch on the brand new MWiB YouTube channel. The video lasts around 45 minutes and has the text of the service on screen.    Any offerings made via the Easter Offering service are wholly donated to the World Mission Fund.  If you would like to donate directly, via the Just Giving page, please visit and reference your donation with ‘EO Service 2021’. You can also access this page via the Methodist Church website ( when you search for World Mission Fund.

Good news from around the Circuit

At our February Circuit meeting there was good news shared.  This included photos from Levens church following the major refurbishment work done recently.   If you would like to read about what is happening in the churches please click here

Sunday 28th February – Presidential service

On Sunday 28th February at 4pm Kendal Circuit are hosting a circuit service with the President of the Methodist Conference, Rev Richard Teal, preaching.  The service is being livestreamed to the YouTube channel and can either be watched live at 4pm or at some later more convenient time.

Our thanks go to for their help.

Pastoral letter from the President of Conference

The President of Conference, Rev Richard Teal encourages all of us to develop a ‘sacrament of kindness’ in these troubling times.  Read his letter to the church here.

There is also a letter from the President and Vice President to farmers and the wider agricultural community.  It can be downloaded here.

Please feel free to share these letters with anyone who may appreciate them.